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May 28-30th, 2017

We have seen and done so much since arriving in Portugal. On our way out of Lisbon we went to LX Factory and it was such a cool place. We met the nicest couple from Spain who handmake clothes. They are moving to the Canary Islands in a couple weeks and seem to be so happy. Their brand is called Kvlah. The market is an old warehouse district that has been turned into restaurants, barbershops, handmade stores and exhibits. There was one of the coolest collection of vintage motorcycles there. It's pretty much what I dreamed up a few years ago but on a much larger scale. 

lx factory marketLX Factory Market

After the market we made our way to Cascais and stopped by the Belem Tower on the way. Such an impressive monument. Seeing it just sit there in the water is pretty astounding. Today was the final of the Taca de Portugal, a soccer cup that runs parallel to la Primeira Liga. Benfica was playing Vitoria and on our short drive to Cascais, we could see the Benfica fans walking along the highway towards the stadium. 

It started raining when we got to Cascais. So much for an afternoon at the beach. Our hostel was great. We decided to go venture out and grab a bite to eat. Most places were closed. I don't know if it was a combination of the weather, or the fact that it was sunday. However, a 'british pub' was open and full of (you guessed it) British people. The game was on and we decided to grab a bite there. We walked around in the rain and slwoly made our way back to the hostel where we played board games and eventually ordered a pizza because we were exhausted. While waiting for an hour and a half for the pizza to show up, we made friends with two amazing people: Laura and Johnni. We discovered that Johnni lives in Seattle but went to a rival high school of mine in Washington State. Small world. Laura works with refugees in Zurich and speaks 4-5 languages.


The next day the 4 of us made plans to go to Sintra and hiked to the Castles. What a sight. We had such a blast. We came back to Cascais and got ready to go to the beach where Nic, Laura and Johnni took a surf lesson while i stayed on the beach and read. Shortly after the lesson we went to a very cool vegan restaurant called House of Wonders. We ran into a hostel mate named Jacob who's from Germany and came to Cascais just to surf. Such a nice guy. He's a plastic surgeon with a pretty hilarious personality. We then came back to the hostel and made plans for the next day. Right now i'm sitting on a beach with a girl from Philly named Sarah, Mia from Latvia and a Malay girl who lives in Singapore. This really is the life. I'm not ready to go back to Porto but I can't wait to see Tessa.

castles-sintraCastelos dos Mouros

Pena Palace
Beach time with new friends
dinner in cascais house of wonders
Sangria at House of Wonders


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