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Hello Cascais

Posted by Jessica Marfa on

After a few days filled with adventure in Lisbon we journeyed to an amazing beach town to Cascais, made new friends, learned how to surf and filled our bellies with delicious food.

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Exploring the Alfama

Posted by Nicolas Moreau on

May 26th Our drive to Lisbon was rather eventless thanks to 'Nanda's'reliablility and at our caution to stay out of the way of the extremely fast drivers that would sometimes appear in your rearview mirror. The two and a half hour drive felt pretty short. We spent the whole time talking and reliving last night's events. Jess makes it to the Alfama We arrived in Lisbon and made route for the Museo de Fado where we were set to meet a boy named Isake who would give us the keys to our Airbnb in the Alfama neighborhood. Arriving at the...

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