A drunken night in Bordeaux on our way to Porto - 2017

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May 25th

Right now we are flying through the sky over France with a perfectly clear view of the French Atlantic Coastline on our way to Porto. Right now we can recognize Biarritz and San Sebastian from the sky. Tessa is with her grandparents having the time of her life. We FaceTimed with her this morning and there wasn't even a hint of sadness. She said the sweetest 'Maman' which broke my heart. I didn't realize until we were gone that yesterday was probably the last time i will ever nurse Tessa. I know there is no way that she knew that but she was being so sweet and needing more hugs than usual. She was also playing with her animals all alone in the shower room at Nic's house (I call it a shower room because in France, they often separate the toilet and shower). This departure was much more difficult for me than the trip to the Basque Country we a few months ago. Etienne pointed out that its probably because we are flying out of the country. I might also be because she is so active now. But alas, she is having a blast and so are we.

Flying over San Sebastian on our way to Porto

Flying over San Sebastian from Bordeaux. You can see La Concha!


We arrived in Bordeaux yesterday evening after a lot of traffic. We parked outside our friends' Hortense and Etienne's apartment and walked to the river while we waited for them to get off work.

Roaming the streets of beautiful Bordeaux

Roaming the streets of beautiful Bordeaux

Shops were closed due to the late hour in the afternoon at which we arrived so we walked back and had a drink at a dive bar near their place. Etienne met us there for a beer and we then unloaded our car into their place. Etienne had made reservations at an Italian restaurant nearby and we ordered drinks while we waited for Hortense to arrive after a long day of work. Once she got there we placed our order. I ordered a truffle pasta that was one of the best dishes i have ever eaten in my life. Just amazing. Etienne and Hortense, mentioned that even though tomorrow was a holiday, they didn't want to get too crazy tonight since they'd gone out the night before. Famous last words.

A delicious truffle pasta dish.

This dish...was...heaven.


After dinner and two bottles of wine later, we all went to an Irish Pub where we were the lone patrons and taught our Swedish bartender, Arvid, what pickle backs were. He was really excited to try them but after one he decided he wouldn't have anymore. However, we definitely had more. Four each is what Nic remembers. Between that the beers and wine we were feeling great. We stumbled back home, and stayed up until 4AM drinking, watching old videos of us singing and talking about the past, present and future.  

Pickle backs from the Irish Pub

The culprits.


This morning we felt like death but had to get to the airport. We ate breakfast and rushed out. It's about 80 degrees in Bordeaux and 70 in Porto. I seriously can't stop thinking about that pasta dish and about how spending time with Hortense or Jeanne (her twin sister) always makes me so happy. They have a contagious energy that can make the grumpiest person smile.

Our travel essentials for our trip to Portugal

Our travel essentials for our trip to Portugal


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