Long wallet made of premium white leather with veg-tan leather strap
Open shot of the long wallet made of premium white leather with veg-tan leather strap. The black version is shown closed.
The long wallet made of premium leather with veg-tan leather strap. Three colors shown. White, black and copper.

LONG WALLET - Minimalist premium leather wallet

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Long leather Passport Wallet made for the most refined adventurers. This handmade premium leather wallet is the perfect start to unforgettable memories.


There isn't a meaning for the long wallet in the same way that there is for let's say The Bogolan. However, it says a lot about you if this is your travel item of choice. You desire a minimalistic approach to your adventures. Your adventure might be short or long but it will be unforgettable. You might not know which city you're sleeping in tonight but you'll know where your essentials are. You are a person needing the perfect item to venture to the far reaches of the world while looking for style and uniqueness. 


On a recent adventure we travelled as a family of 3 to France, Portugal and Vietnam using one of the long wallets. It was vital to keep all three family members travel documents contained and organized as we were venturing through multiple terrains around the world. Our documents stayed secure while meandering the streets of Lisbon or sailing Lan Ha Bay. It really was piece of mind.


We cut. We punch. We sew. We clean. 
It may sound simple but each step takes time, patience and care. Especially since it's all handmade. 


Each accessory includes care instructions with the item.

Top to bottom closed: 5 3/4 inches
Width closed: 4 inches
Width opened: 8.5 Inches
Passport pocket: 5 3/4 inches
Card slots: 2.5 inches