Front view of the Bogolan mud cloth pouch, made with Malian fabric.
Back view of the Bogolan mud cloth pouch, made with Malian fabric.

THE BOGOLAN - African mud-cloth accessories pouch

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The Bogolan is made of handmade Malian cotton fabric (Bògòlanfini) traditionally dyed with fermented mud. The hand of the fabric is unique and sets it apart from most traditional pouches. The Bogolan is sure to impress and become an essential item of your everyday life.


Bogolanfini fabrics have an important place in traditional Malian culture. and has, more recently, become a symbol of Malian cultural identity. Bogolanfini was born in the 12th century. It was actually originally used by peasants. The fabric is matriarchal in a way, as each pattern tells a different story and secrets which are passed from mother to daughter. A reoccurring trend in these patterns offer variations of protection or safety. 


For more information on the actual Bogolan making check this page out.

We import the Malian fabrics to our Portland, OR studio where we measure cut and carefully sew.

We cut.  We sew. We zip.

It may sound simple but each step takes time, patience and care. Especially since it's all handmade.  


Bogolan fabric can be washed by hand using cold water. As you can imagine, mud cloth fabrics can deteriorate with too much wash so dry cleaning is often more preferable. 


6" x 8"